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GAGs/ Mucopolysaccharides/ Mucopolysacharides/ Glycosaminoglycans/ Glycosaminoglycan

又稱為氨基葡聚糖 (glycosaminoglycans),黏多醣和蛋白質會抓住水和皮膚細胞,維持細胞結構的完整,形成一層將皮膚細胞抓在一起的基質。外用時對肌膚的皺紋及水分的保持很重要。

Also known as glycosaminoglycans, mucopolysaccharides and proteins will grab water and skin cells, maintain the integrity of the cell structure, and form a matrix that holds skin cells together. It is very important for skin wrinkles and moisture retention when used externally.

Phytomedicine, April 2002, pages 259-262

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