ingredient 132

Sodium Borate/ Sodium Tetraborate/ Disodium Tetraborate/ Borax/ borates

少量添加於化妝品中,主要用來調整pH值(硼酸的pH值介於9至11之間)或作為殺菌劑 如果添加太多,由於硼酸鹽的高pH值,可能會造成嚴重的皮膚刺激。台灣化粧品中禁止使用成分,但用以乳化 Beeswax 及 Bleached Beeswax 者不在此限,惟其含量不得超過0.76%。

A small amount is added to cosmetics, mainly used to adjust the pH value (the pH value of boric acid is between 9 and 11) or as a fungicide. If too much is added, due to the high pH value of borate, it may cause severe skin irritation. Ingredients are prohibited in Taiwan cosmetics, but those used to emulsify Beeswax and Bleached Beeswax are not restricted, but their content should not exceed 0.76%.

Biological TraceElement Research, Winter 1998, pages 343-357

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