ingredient 140

Essential Oil/ Volatile oil/ Ethereal oil/ Essential Oils/ Herbal Fragrance/ Natural essential oil

主要從植物中取得,在化妝品中作為香料,化妝品中的香料經常由下列成份所組成,包括酒精、酮類(ketones)、酚類(phenols)、芳樟醇(linalool)、龍腦 (borneol)、烯(terpenes)、樟腦油(camphor)、蒎烯(pinene)、酸(acids)、醚(ethers),醛(aldehydes)和硫黃(sulfur),這些東西都具有很強的刺激性,可能會造成皮膚發炎或過敏。

It is mainly obtained from plants and is used as a fragrance in cosmetics. The fragrance in cosmetics is often composed of the following ingredients, including alcohol, ketones, phenols, linalool, and borneol , Terpenes, camphor, pinene, acids, ethers, aldehydes and sulfur, all of which are very irritating and may It can cause skin irritation or allergies.


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