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Hamamelis/ Witch Hazel/ Hamanelis/ Hamamelis virginiana

可能具有抗氧化和部分抗皮膚刺激的效果,金縷梅的酒精含量高達70~ 80%,而金縷梅液的酒精含量也有15%,酒精可能會造成皮膚刺激,金縷梅也含有大量的單寧 (單寧是一種強力的抗氧化物),在剛燙傷時使用擦拭單寧可以減輕水腫,但是在皮膚上一再擦拭單寧可能會造成皮膚刺激。

It may have anti-oxidation and partial anti-skin irritation effects. The alcohol content of witch hazel is as high as 70~80%, and the alcohol content of witch hazel liquid is also 15%. Alcohol may cause skin irritation, and witch hazel also contains a lot of Tannins (tannins are a powerful antioxidant). Wipe tannins can reduce edema when just burned, but repeated tannins on the skin may cause skin irritation.
It has astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, wound healing and sedative effects. It is mainly extracted from leaves and petals. It is often used in astringent lotions, shampoos, facial masks, and so on.

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