ingredient 161

α-lipoic Acid/ Thioctic Acid/ A-Lipoic Acid/ Alpha Lipoic Acid

是一種抗氧化物,可以同時溶解於水和油脂中,對皮膚有益。直接添加於保養品中時能防止維他命CE的流失,達到抗氧化效果,能重建氧分子的活力,減少麩胱甘(glutathione) 及維他命的代謝,以維持細胞含氧狀態。

It is an antioxidant that can be dissolved in water and oil at the same time, which is beneficial to the skin. When directly added to skin care products, it can prevent the loss of vitamin C and E, achieve an antioxidant effect, rebuild the vitality of oxygen molecules, reduce the metabolism of glutathione and vitamins, and maintain cell oxygenation.


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