ingredient 204

Glycerol/ Glycerine/ Glycerin/ Pflanzliches Glycerin


It is made by fat hydrolysis or sugar fermentation. It can also be artificially synthesized. It is a good water-retaining agent, which can maintain the barrier function of the skin and avoid dryness or peeling. If 100% purity is used on the skin, too much water will be absorbed into the epidermis from the dermis at the bottom, which will increase the rate of water loss, so it must be added together with other ingredients. Add glycerin, dimethicone, petroleum jelly, antioxidants, fatty acids, lecithin and other ingredients together and continue to use for a period of time, which is helpful for skin repair, alleviation of dermatitis symptoms, and recovery The effect of the barrier function is very good
1 gram of glycerin can absorb about 0.6 grams of water

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