ingredient 210

Zinc Oxide/ microfine Zinc Oxide/ CI 77947

奈米級的氧化鋅使用在化妝品,肺部吸入氧化鋅時可能產生健康上的問題,相關研究發現奈米級的氧化鋅及二氧化鈦無法穿透角質層. 成分會吸附油脂,也會吸附水分,使用後會造成皮膚乾燥,具收斂性.

Nano zinc oxide used in cosmetics, lung inhalation of zinc oxide may cause health problems, related studies found that nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide can not penetrate the stratum corneum. Components will absorb oil, also will absorb water, after use will cause skin dryness, with convergence

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