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Angelica archangelica root oil

取自於歐白芷的揮發性油脂,其中有些成分可能具有抗氧化的能力,但是歐白芷根油含有佛手柑內酯(bergapten)、白芷乙素(imperatorin)及花椒毒素(xanthotoxin),因此可能造成光毒性,使用在曝曬的皮膚可能有光敏感的風險 .

Some components of volatile oil from Angelica dahurica may have antioxidant capacity. However, Angelica dahurica root oil contains bergapten, imperatorin and Xanthotoxin. Therefore, it may cause phototoxicity, and it may have the risk of light sensitivity when used on exposed skin
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, March 2007, pages 1737–1742

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