ingredient 303

Alcohol/ Alcohol Denat/ Alcohol Denatured/ Dehydrated Ethanol/ denatured alcohol/ ethanol/ ethyl alcohol/ Grain Alcohol/ SD Alcohol/ SD Alcohol 40/ SD Alcohol 40B


It is a water retaining agent in skin care products, which can promote specific ingredients to enter the skin. Small molecules of alcohols may cause skin irritation or skin dryness, but also stimulate the nerve endings of the skin, causing inflammation, and increase the oil secretion in the capillaries. Pay special attention to inflamed skin. Although it has a good effect of auxiliary makeup removal, it is not suitable to appear in makeup removal products due to its irritation. It can make other ingredients feel fresh, non greasy and easy to push evenly, but it will penetrate into healthy cells and dissolve epidermal lipids. Long term use will cause skin to fade and lose luster.


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