ingredient 321

PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate

界面活性劑,可以去除皮膚的油脂及乳化油脂。於化妝水中含量多在 1% 以下,一般健康的皮膚對此濃度通常不會感到刺激,但當皮膚受傷、發炎、起疹、角質偏薄時,部份可溶化劑就可能會造成刺痛、發癢現象。

Surfactant, can remove the skin oil and emulsified oil. When the content of cosmetic water is less than 1%, generally healthy skin will not feel irritated by this concentration. However, when the skin is injured, inflamed, Rashed or thin, some soluble agents may cause tingling and itching.


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