ingredient 386

collagen/ Marine Collagen/ Soluble collagen/ soluble fish collagen

化妝品中的膠原蛋白主要從動物組織提煉而來,是很好的保水劑,但皮膚不會因為擦拭膠原蛋白而增加膠原蛋白的製造,而擦拭的膠原蛋白也不會被皮膚吸收成為皮膚的一部分。陽光傷害會造成膠原蛋白破壞 不適合與酒精成分同時使用於產品,因酒精會破壞膠原蛋白的活性。

Collagen in cosmetics is mainly extracted from animal tissues, which is a good water retaining agent. However, the skin will not increase the production of collagen by wiping collagen, and the wiped collagen will not be absorbed by the skin and become a part of the skin. Sunlight damage can cause collagen damage. It is not suitable to be used with alcohol in the product, because alcohol can destroy the activity of collagen.


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