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維他命A醇是一種細胞溝通因子(cell-communicating ingredient)與抗氧化物,但被皮膚吸收後須先分成解類A酸。A醇也可以幫助皮膚製造更健康的細胞,並且具有抗氧化物的功能,增加皮膚結構物質的製造。有效性與濃度,產品基劑,包裝方式有關。 對光線極為敏感,濃度過高(0.5%以上)時易刺激皮膚,且應盡量避免與美白成份共同使用

Vitamin A alcohol is a kind of cell communicating agent and antioxidant, but it must be divided into A-like acids after being absorbed by the skin. A-alcohol can also help the skin to make healthier cells, and has the function of antioxidants, increasing the production of skin structural substances. The effectiveness is related to concentration, product base agent and packaging method. It is very sensitive to light and easy to irritate the skin when the concentration is too high (above 0.5%). It should be avoided to use it together with whitening ingredients

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