ingredient 390

Ascorbyl Glucoside/ Ascorbic acid 2-glucoside/ AA2G

維他命C和葡萄糖結合後的產物,當菸鹼酸與抗壞血酸醣同時使用時具有抗氧化的能力 。台灣衛生署規定濃度限量為2%。水性維他命C衍生物,pH呈中性,安定度低~中等,保存上可在產品未拆封前冷藏,以減緩活性降解速度。油水可溶,需用鹼劑調整為中性,pH6~7才能延長活性保存時間。

The product of vitamin C and glucose has antioxidant capacity when nicotinic acid and ascorbic acid are used together. Taiwan's Department of health has set a limit of 2%. Water based vitamin C derivatives, pH neutral, low to medium stability, can be stored in the product before unpacking cold storage, in order to slow down the degradation rate of activity. It is soluble in oil and water, and needs to be adjusted to neutral with alkali agent, and pH 6 ~ 7 to prolong the activity storage time.

Skin Research and Technology, May 2006, pages 105–113

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