ingredient 395

Butylene Glycol/ 1,3 Butylene Glycol/ 1.3 Butylene Glycol/ Butylene Alcohol/ Butanediol

與甘油及其他二元醇類一樣,在化妝品中主要作為保水劑,也可以攜帶化妝品的其他成份被皮膚吸收。含有兩個羥基之有機化合物,和 Propylene Glycol 類似,但具更輕的質地。用於化妝品中作為結合水分,並幫助肌膚抓水,但小分子的醇因為揮發速度快,同時也更快從肌膚帶走水份,因此實際上抓水能力並不高,有時功用反而在於協助溶解污垢,幫助活性成份滲透。

Like glycerol and other diols, it is mainly used as water retaining agent in cosmetics, and can also carry other ingredients of cosmetics to be absorbed by skin. Organic compound containing two hydroxyl groups similar to propylene glycol but with lighter texture. It is used in cosmetics as a combination of water and helps the skin to catch water. However, because small molecule alcohols volatilize quickly and take away water from the skin more quickly, their ability to catch water is not high. Sometimes their function is to help dissolve dirt and help active ingredients penetrate.


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