ingredient 419-Kojic Acid

Kojic Acid

麴酸是釀造日本清酒過程中的副產物,r-pyrone 化合物,是由麴黴菌屬(Aspergillus) 和青黴菌屬(Penicillium) 的發酵液中提煉而得具有抑制黑色素生成的效果. 當果酸和麴酸合併使用時,效果和果酸與對苯二酚併用一樣,可以有效地減少肝斑. 成分極度不穩定的成分,一旦接觸空氣和陽光,會轉變為棕色而失去效用,很多化妝品公司用較穩定的麴酸棕櫚鹽(Kojic Dipalmitate)取代麴酸,雖然麴酸棕櫚鹽是一個很好的抗氧化劑,但沒有研究顯示麴酸棕櫚鹽擁有和麴酸一樣的美白效果衛生署規定濃度限量為2%。光安定性低,若無其他成分輔佐,不適用於日間型產品中

Kojic acid is a byproduct of Japanese sake brewing. It is a r-pyrone compound. It is extracted from the fermentation broth of Aspergillus and Penicillium. It has the effect of inhibiting melanin formation. When the combination of fruit acid and aspergillic acid is used, the effect is the same as that of the combination of fruit acid and hydroquinone, which can effectively reduce liver spots. Once exposed to air and sunlight, the extremely unstable ingredients will turn brown and lose their effectiveness. Many cosmetics companies use the more stable kojic dipalmitate instead of aspergillic acid, Although palmitate is a good antioxidant, no studies have shown that palmitate has the same whitening effect as acid. The Department of health has set a limit of 2%. Low light stability, if there is no other ingredients, it is not suitable for daytime products.


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