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Clove / clove leaf/ clove oil/ Eugenia aromatica/ Eugenia caryophyllus/ Eugenia Caryophyllus Leaf 
eugenol/ Syzygium aromaticum

一種很強的刺激性物質,反覆使用可能造成皮膚發炎 。丁香油的73%是由丁香酚(eugenol)所組成,丁香酚是一種揮發性物質,它會造成細胞死亡

A strong irritant substance, repeated use may cause skin inflammation. 73% of clove oil is composed of eugenol, which is a volatile substance that can cause cell death

 IFA International Federation of Aromatherapists
Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
Contact Dermatitis, March 2002, pages 141-144

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