ingredient 6

dimethicone crosspolymer/ PEG-10/15 crosspolymer

一種二甲基矽氧與PEG-10/15的聚合物。PEG的全名是 polyethylene glycol,和脂肪酸及脂肪醇結合後可以作為界面活性劑,聯結劑,穩定劑與滑潤劑。在日常的保養品中,這些成分用於除臭劑、化妝品以及護膚和護髮產品。

A polymer of dimethylsiloxane and PEG-10 / 15. The full name of PEG is polyethylene glycol. It can be used as surfactant, binder, stabilizer and lubricator when combined with fatty acid and fatty alcohol. In daily care products, these ingredients are used in deodorants, cosmetics and skin and hair care products.


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