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L-Ascorbic Acid/ Ascorbic Acid/ Vitamin C

一種常見的維他命C,目前認為它是一種強力抗氧化物和抗發炎物質, 抑制酪胺酸酵素活性,抗自由基、幫助膠原蛋白的合成等能力。此外左旋C保養品的pH值要夠低,這樣左旋C才能維持穩定,但也可能造成皮膚刺激。呈酸性,安定度低保存不易,且刺激性較大 ,對光敏感而安定性較低,通常不會直接使用,而採用其衍生物

A common type of vitamin C, it is currently considered to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance. It inhibits the activity of tyrosine enzymes, resists free radicals, and helps the synthesis of collagen. In addition, the pH value of L-C skin care products should be low enough so that L-C can remain stable, but it may also cause skin irritation. It is acidic, has low stability and is difficult to store, and is more irritating. It is sensitive to light and has low stability. It is usually not used directly, but its derivatives are used.

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