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一種植物醣,對皮膚具有保水劑的效果。自然界的動植物和微生物中廣泛存在的一種雙糖,它是由2葡萄糖通過 α,α-1,1-糖苷鍵所形成的非還原性糖,按其化學結構可寫成 α-D-吡喃葡萄糖基-(1→1)-α-D-吡喃葡萄糖苷。此外還有α,β-型的新海藻糖β,β-型的異海藻糖兩種異構體,但在自然界中很少見。生物合成海藻糖是為了儲存能量和吸收水分,用來對抗冰凍和缺水。

A plant sugar, which has the effect of water retaining agent on the skin. A disaccharide widely found in plants and animals and microorganisms in nature, which is passed by two glucose α,α- The non reducing sugar formed by 1,1-glycoside bond can be written according to its chemical structure α- D-pyranoglucosyl - (1 → 1)- α- D-glucopyranoside. And there are α,β- New sea algal sugar and β,β- Type 2 isomers of trehalose are rare in nature. The purpose of the biosynthesis of trehalose is to store energy and absorb water, and to fight against freezing and water shortage.


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