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Olive Oil/ Olea Europaea Oil/ Olea Europaea Fruit Oil/ Olea Europaea Husk Oil/ Olive Fruit Oil/ Olive Husk Oil

一種滋潤的植物性油脂,對於乾性皮膚有幫助, 含有許多脂肪酸和角鯊烯(squalene),也有具抗氧化功能的酚化合物(phenolic compounds),塗抹橄欖油可以減輕紫外線UVB的傷害。含不飽和脂肪酸(含80%的油酸)。其分子小,不具揮發性,但具優良的肌膚滲透性,有引發面皰的可能。

It is a kind of moisturizing vegetable oil, which is helpful for dry skin. It contains many fatty acids, squalene and phenolic compounds with antioxidant function. Applying olive oil can reduce the damage of ultraviolet B. It contains unsaturated fatty acids (80% oleic acid). Its molecule is small, not volatile, but has excellent skin permeability, which may cause facial blisters.

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