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Lavandula angustifolia/ Lavandula Vera/ Lavender/ Lavandula angustifolia Mill/ Lavandula augustifolia/ Lavandula officinalis/ True Lavender

一種薄荷科的植物,具有抗菌功能,但是主要功能是做為香料,薰衣草油接觸氧氣之後,不論接觸到陽光與否,薰衣草油中的一種芳香成分乙酸芳樟酯f(linalyl acetate)可能會引起敏感性接觸性皮膚炎. 純正薰衣草萃取的保存穩定性很好,pH 約為 5.6~5.9

A plant of the mint family with antibacterial function, but its main function is as a spice. After lavender oil is exposed to oxygen, whether it is exposed to sunlight or not, linalyl acetate, an aromatic component in lavender oil, may cause it Sensitive contact dermatitis. The storage stability of pure lavender extract is very good, the pH is about 5.6~5.9

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